Hypotension, or vegetative-vascular dystonia is a pathological condition in which the blood pressure in the arterial line is less than 100/60 mm Hg. However, it should be understood that these values are for one person can be the norm, and for others it is a cause for concern.
Nowadays a huge number of people is hypotonic. Most of them are young people up to 25 years.
The most common causes of such violations are either of heart disease or side effects or overdose of certain medications. Also the important role played by heredity. At this pressure the majority have frequent headaches, weakness, dizziness, blurred attention.
First and foremost is to say that hypotension is of several types - acute and chronic. In cases of acute hypotension, as a rule, drugs are administered intravenously (most often drip). They act very quickly (1-2 minutes), so almost immediately increases the peripheral vascular tone. Such drugs include most agonists, such as "Norepinephrine" and "Mamazon". In addition, widespread use of cardiac glycosides, which greatly increase the pressure. It is drugs such as "Clanid", "Strophanthin", "Digoxin", "Korglikon".
However, if you have chronic hypotension, the use of these agents can be very dangerous. In such cases, prescribers, which have a stimulating effect on the vasomotor center.
Of medicinal plants suitable tincture of Eleutherococcus, Rhodiola rosea, schisandra chinensis, and ginseng. These drugs have a tonic effect on blood vessels. Their gleam is narrowed, accordingly, the pressure increases.
In addition to drugs, increase pressure will help coffee and strong tea. However, it should be remembered that their excessive use can lead to exhaust the energy resources of the body. In addition, a particularly useful walk in a garden or forest. It is believed that the sounds and smells treat depression and significantly improve mood, and thus the pressure.
Every man suffering from low blood pressure, owe to yourself to determine what product suits him the most. If you do not fit one way, try another.