Advice 1: How to determine low blood pressure

The symptoms of low pressure in most cases is similar to that of excessive. So if you find at least one of the following symptoms, do not take a pill for high pressure is dangerous. It is impossible to judge the condition and begin treatment based only on their feelings.
A weak pulse is not a sign of hypotension.
If you have a headache, it could be signs of low blood pressure, but not always. It happens that this is a common pain caused by fatigue, spasms in the blood vessels of the brain and other phenomena. Often headache associated with low pressure, appears after sleep. She may be strong, moderate or pulsating. To alleviate health take paracetamol.
When the pressure drops can be fainting, but usually the person quickly regains consciousness. Fainting more concerned about young people and children, adults of middle age rarely lose consciousness, but it is not excluded. If you feel really bad about, don't leave home until you've seen the doctor. Threat not the fainting, and the fact that you can strongly hit his head during the fall.
Nausea is also a symptom of low blood pressure, but not always. At high pressure, it also is the place to be. So focus on it and especially to take the pill to reduce the pressure.
Sensitivity, low mood, tearfulness and General weakness - signs of hypotension, but it may accompany other abnormalities in the body, not always just the negative pressure. If your condition improves dramatically from regular walks in the fresh air and you feel a surge of strength, it is not necessary to exclude hypotension from a list of possible diseases. Keep track of your feelings.
The most accurate way to detect low blood pressure is to measure his blood pressure. If you have no home of this device, it is necessary to call an ambulance, especially if you see all these symptoms at the same time. Even in the case when you have recorded low blood pressure, and you know what drug to drink, don't do that until you measure the pressure.

Advice 2 : How to define high blood pressure

The power supply system of diesel engines Common Rail is divided into two stages: low and high pressure. And if the first is intended for uninterrupted supply of diesel to the injection pump from the second operation start up and operation of the motor.
How to define high blood pressure
You will need
  • - voltmeter,
  • adapter with the scanner
  • - pressure gauge at 1450 ATM.
The end point starts low line high pressure, comprising:
- the fuel high-pressure pump (injection pump) with safety valve,
- the fuel high-pressure accumulator (TAVDA) with gauge and valve regulator;
- motor-injectors, plug-in electronic control unit (ECU);
- connecting tubes.
Diesel engine, unlike gasoline, is very sensitive to fuel injection. From the correctness of the set ignition timing depend on the main parameters of the motor (power, consumption of diesel fuel, resource). Change the crankshaft position at which the closure of the valve timing and the fuel injection into the cylinder, at least one risk to the "+" or "-", significantly changes the behavior of the power plant.
Specialists, fuel equipment, always with special responsibility came to installing fuel pump (fuel pump high pressure), meticulously comparing the torque of the drive clutch in accordance with the angle of start of injection. The Common Rail system has nullified all the efforts of the mechanics, with a mandate to monitor the specified parameters to the electronic control unit of the power plant.
Now the only problem when installing the injection pump to the engine is the articulation of the elements of the drive coupling. But the electronics tracks not only the time of the injection, she keeps an eye on the formation of high pressure in the fuel accumulator, on the left side of which is fixed a suitable sensor, sending signals to the ECU.
To verify that the system power and measure how high pressure it is necessary to conduct diagnosis. But what about those drivers who have motor refused to run, and the electrician we still have some way to get. To buy a scanner that costs ten thousand roubles and above, and carry it with you? Or buy a manometer and a half thousand atmospheres, the price of which is not below the adapter, turn the adapter to measure high pressure?
If you study carefully the documentation on the Common Rail, the output still there. To determine the parameters in TAVDA just attach a voltmeter to the red wire of high pressure sensor, turn ignition on and rotate the engine with the starter.At the time of turning the key to position "II" with the red wire must be removed voltage from 0.00 to 0.07 volts, when the starter this figure should be above 0.5 volts, which indicates the presence of pressures greater than 250 ATM. It is so much required for a successful motor start.
If the readings exceed 4.5 volts, which is equal to the pressure in TAVDA 1450 ATM. and above, the ECU instructs the valve controller, and it resets the fuel in the return line.

Advice 3 : What blood pressure is worse for the heart - high or low

To measure blood pressure is very important, especially when deterioration of General health. If you know your normal values, you can determine any deviations. However, many people still don't know how much pressure to human body is dangerous, so meet inaccurate arguments.
High and low blood pressure: what is more dangerous?
Unfortunately, hypertension is a common diagnosis. Poorly functioning blood vessels – the culprits of many ailments. It turns out that the world is divided into hypertensive and hypotensive, and everyone has their own methods of dealing with the trouble: someone in the pharmaceutical to tell you to drain the stack of brandy, and someone will tell you about the miraculous Valerian.

Norm and insignificant deviation from it

Worldwide recognition is considered normal blood pressure is 80 over 120. But scientists began to argue hotly about this, and decided to investigate further. They took part men and women of all ages.

Thanks to the experience of pressure measurement and communication about the health of the subjects, came to the conclusion that fluctuations of 20 units lower heart rate still can not be called a disease. Such people have not detected any deviations in the work of the heart vessels.

On approval of the same group of experimenters, for people over 45 years increasing the top rate of 20 units does not increase the risk of acute heart failure in the vessels. Guided by the foregoing, American cardiologists were asked to recognize the normal pressure of 100 to 140.

Dangerous signal for the heart

Even healthy people can be noted that during the day the pressure slightly changes their performance. To end nature of hypotension, unfortunately, not been studied. The main cause is a disruption in the work unit that is responsible for the regulation of vascular tone. The disease may develop as a consequence of infectious diseases, for example, a severe case of the flu, sores or due to deficiency.

More likely to suffer from ailments associated with low pressure, middle-aged people and young people. Then quite often hypotension "transformered" in hypertension, blood vessels are clogged and unhealthy, the walls appear cholesterol.

For a long time it was believed that only pressure "Hyper" is dangerous for the heart because of increased blood flow, means increased load on the heart muscle, and this has a negative effect. Therefore, people with high levels often suffer from heart disease, and the risk of heart attack or stroke, increases. Sad as it may sound, vascular disease is the leading cause of death in the world.

Pay attention to your health, proper nutrition and proper sleep, more walk in the fresh air and let the unpleasant symptoms of pressure changes do not disturb your heart.
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