If you have a headache, it could be signs of low blood pressure, but not always. It happens that this is a common pain caused by fatigue, spasms in the blood vessels of the brain and other phenomena. Often headache associated with low pressure, appears after sleep. She may be strong, moderate or pulsating. To alleviate health take paracetamol.
When the pressure drops can be fainting, but usually the person quickly regains consciousness. Fainting more concerned about young people and children, adults of middle age rarely lose consciousness, but it is not excluded. If you feel really bad about, don't leave home until you've seen the doctor. Threat not the fainting, and the fact that you can strongly hit his head during the fall.
Nausea is also a symptom of low blood pressure, but not always. At high pressure, it also is the place to be. So focus on it and especially to take the pill to reduce the pressure.
Sensitivity, low mood, tearfulness and General weakness - signs of hypotension, but it may accompany other abnormalities in the body, not always just the negative pressure. If your condition improves dramatically from regular walks in the fresh air and you feel a surge of strength, it is not necessary to exclude hypotension from a list of possible diseases. Keep track of your feelings.
The most accurate way to detect low blood pressure is to measure his blood pressure. If you have no home of this device, it is necessary to call an ambulance, especially if you see all these symptoms at the same time. Even in the case when you have recorded low blood pressure, and you know what drug to drink, don't do that until you measure the pressure.