You will need
  • - screwdriver;
  • wrench.
Install the crankshaft minimum rotational speed. To set the maximum speed of the screw of quality of a mix, need to turn it in different directions, but not to change the location of the throttle.
Warm up the car engine, as only under such conditions can make the carb adjustment. Then, using the first screw to limit closing of the throttle columns. This will help to fix the position of the open damper of the car in the right (primary) chamber of the carburetor. The second screw adjust the quality of the fuel mixture. This means that unscrewing it, you thereby increase in vapor fuel system maintenance gasoline and get rich. If you're spinning it inside the mixture will impoverish.
Don't forget to turn to failure of the screw of quality of a mix and the screw of quantity of a mixture screw two turns.
Proceed directly to the carb adjustment to ensure stable operation of the engine, "Oki" at idle. Do it only after the handle located at the bottom of the carb screws. Find the location of the adjustment screws, which is correct (will provide the necessary quality and quantity of the mixture). Smooth and economical operation will be achieved exactly at the same position.
Turn the first screw to the left, and then right below the rotational speed of a crankshaft of the engine was set to minimum speed. Do the same with the second screw to set the maximum engine speed.
Complete carb adjustment "Oki" in the following way. The first screw is set to the rotational speed of 600-700 rpm, and pedal, increase them to 4000. After this action the engine should run well at idle.