To correctly adjust the carb, you need to have sufficient knowledge and skills. To adjust carburetor has two screws. The first adjustment screw is responsible for the number of revolutions and the second for the quality of the mixture. With their help you can adjust the engine speed to idle and adjust the co content in the exhaust gases.
The whole system is idling offline. That is why the regulation only applies to her. Screw the quality of the mixture will govern the mixture is just for idle engine operation.
Before adjusting the carburetor, you need to carefully inspect and, if necessary, adjust the ignition system. The engine should be fully functional, as on the failed engine will not be able to properly adjust the carb. If the data is two points meet the standards, it is possible to do the adjustment.
If the carb adjustment is performed correctly, then when the voltage is removed from the solenoid, the engine will stall. With the full twist of the screw "quality" of the mixture, the engine should stall. If not, the diaphragm likely has a hole, which lead to excessive consumption of gasoline. Replacing solenoid valve, a nozzle and idle speed leave the old one, i.e. the one that came from the factory. After adjustment check, clearly returns the throttle to its original position when you release the gas pedal.