You will need
  • The user manual for chain saws, screwdriver
Start the idle speed adjustment, in accordance with requirements specified in the technical documentation. Adjusting the engine speed of the saw at idle until the engine worked steadily and the saw chain is not moving through the bus. Should not be dymlenija engine. When you sharply press on the control lever by the throttle, the engine should quickly gain momentum.
Start the engine and warm it at low and medium rpm. By means of a screw until you get a good unit at such speed where the chain is not moving on the bus. If a strong smoke engine screw carb wrap partly to impoverish the mixture. The smoke production will decrease and rpm will increase.
Now again select the minimum rpm, slightly loosening the screw. It is required to check the pickup of the engine. Sharply press on the control lever the throttle until it stops for about 3 seconds. The engine in this case will gain momentum. If the engine cuts out or revs slowly, screw the carb slightly loosen. When the engine speed is reduced. To increase the number of turns, tighten the screw and then re-check the engine response. After adjusting lock screw lock nuts.
After adjusting the idle and running chainsaws adjust the engine to maximum power. Adjustment is by screw carburetor in optimal operating mode of the engine. When you partially screw the screw in, the mixture becomes depleted, when unscrewing – enriched. The best position of the screw of the carburettor determine experimentally when sawing wood.
Be careful when adjusting the carb. Due to the lack of experience of the possible total disajustment of the device, which can lead to difficulty starting the engine, and unstable operation of a chainsaw.