You will need
  • The compression gauge tool set
Check the motor, make sure that the compression in all the cylinders the same, by using compression gauge. If his testimony in the various cylinders are very different – go engine repair, adjustment of the quality of the mixture will improve its performance. Start the motor and let it gain operating temperature. Reduce special screw idle speed to a minimum when there is a subjective feeling that if a little scroll screw and the motor will stall, while still running smoothly. Stop the engine and tighten the screw amount of the mixture until it stops.
Tighten the needle of the fuel by half a turn and then Unscrew it one turn. If the twisting speed is reduced, and subsequent loosening increased too lean, if on the contrary – too rich. In this case, rotate the screw of quantity of a mix where increase momentum. If the screw you need to tighten, and to complete its tightening momentum to grow, you need to pick up the nozzle with smaller holes. If the revs are rising when you loosen the screw, then install the nozzle with larger holes. If the manipulation of the needle operation of the engine has not changed, this setting is not required.
Now find the turn of the screw the maximum revs at which its rotation in any direction is only a drop in engine speed. When they decrease when tightening the screw, the mixture is depleted. So you can save fuel, but the engine may overheat as the mixture is flammable at high temperatures. Reducing speed while loosening the screw indicates that the mixture is too rich. This can lead to excessive fuel consumption, but the engine will not overheat because the rich mixture is ignited at lower temperatures. The temperature difference between the combustion of the mixture can reach 500 degrees Celsius, therefore, when handling a quality mix you have to be very careful.