Adjust the fuel level in the float chamber. To do this, adjust the height of the float, according to the instructions. The installation accuracy of the fuel level will seriously affect the further adjustment of the carb, be careful. Configuring the operation of the carb with the throttle closed (idle speed adjustment) take not less carefully, because they depend on future adjustment. This is due to the fact that system idle is running at any throttle position.
Idle adjust with the needle valve idle screw screw quality and quantity of the fuel mixture. The jet is idling look at the carb body; and can be accessible when it is removed the float chamber. The screw is usually made of brass and stands on the outside of the carb on the left wall. The screw amount of the fuel mixture is located above the screw. Turned on and warmed up the engine with a screw install stable idling speed tube and fold back the screw from its zero position. A screw quantity of the fuel mixture adjust the amount of idle.
The transitional regime is considered such a mode of operation of the carburetor, the throttle is a value from 0% to 25%. To ensure the safe operation of the engine in transient mode, choose a jet at idle, adjust the idle speed and the size of the cutout in the throttle. The need to change the last parameter is rare. In most cases, to configure transition mode, check the adjustment of the idle speed, fuel level (see section 2) and a shut-off needle valve of the carburetor.
On four-stroke motorcycles in the transitional regime included in the operation of the accelerator pump. Most often it is driven by a separate spring. Adjust the accelerator pump by changing the stiffness of the springs and sizing the feed and overflow orifices.
Especially the carb settings at partial throttle (25-75%).

Mode when you open the throttle on the value of 25-50%, adjust the clearance between the needle and the walls of the tunnel carb. To do this, change the diameter of the needle (needles vary in diameter of a cylindrical part with a step of 0.01 mm). In operation, when the throttle 50-75% of the spend adjust by changing the position of the carb needles up or down. You can replace the needle at a more acute or more full (according to the profile of the conical part). To access the needle remove the cap from the carb. On most motorcycles the carb will have to be removed.
The carb adjustment in full (75-100%) throttle opening swipe by changing the size of the main fuel nozzle. Can be accessible from the outside of the carb when you removed the drain plug of the float chamber. A correct adjustment of the test or at the hearing (with sufficient experience), or by color of the insulator of the spark plug. For this test drive mode "full throttle". After 45 sec. after the full opening of the throttle turn off engine and remove the spark plug on the go (in neutral). The insulator should have a dark brown color. If black insulator color, obecnice fuel mixture. If orange color – enrich the mixture. When red-brown color, completely replace the gas used, because it contains harmful metal-containing antiknock additives.
On some motorcycles apply to additional jets, which are used at high speeds and handling of the electromagnetic valve. The quality of the fuel mixture at high rpm adjust, replacing these nozzles.