Before adjusting gas-fired equipment check the condition of engine components, spark plugs, wiring, tightness of the tract. Measure the compression in the cylinders - the value must be equal to 6.5 kgf/cm2.
Start the engine, after setting the gas reducer in "Petrol" mode. Warm the engine to operating temperature. Idle set at 800 rpm. Install the gearbox in the neutral position.
If the system has single-section dispenser, Unscrew it to the max. Turning to lock the idle screw, turn it to five turns in the opposite direction. When the system of two sections the first turn on the high, second – low.
Set the button to position "Gas". Start the engine. Using the suction set speed to 1500-1700 rpm. To ensure the safe operation of the engine when the choke is turned off "push" knob to the end.
Adjust the sensitivity of the reducer gas. To do this, carefully remove the appropriate bolt. When this fact ceases to affect the idle speed, turn it back two turns.
Quickly push down on the gas accelerator to check the adjustment of gas-fired equipment. The engine acceleration should be powerful.
To determine the threshold at which start to change rpm, adjust the screw of the dispenser. Then Unscrew it half a turn. In this way one adjusts the first camera is a two-piece dispenser. When you configure the second camera, the position of the screw you need to take a quarter turn.
Ask a friend to help you. Its task is pressure on the pedal to install the engine at 3200-3700. You should tighten the adjustment screw a quarter turn. This operation should be repeated until failure. When possible, loosen the screw a half-turn.