You will need
  • - screwdriver,
  • devices to adjust the XX.
The need to regulate the idle speed of the engine occurs in the cases of unstable operation of the motor or a sudden stop of the engine during the gear shift, or waiting for an allowing signal of the traffic light, or in other similar circumstances.
When you use instrumentation to control the idle of the engine the ignition is switched off, and the ends of their wires connected to the points indicated in the routing or the instructions for use. Then is the start of the motor and screw of quantity of fuel mixture on the tachometer frequency torque is communicated to 800 + 50 rpm.
In the next step the screw of the mixture supply is regulated by the CO2 content in the exhaust gases, this parameter should not exceed three percent.
Motorists are having a great experience, I prefer to adjust the idle rpm of the engine, relying on their own ears. Alternately rotating the screws; quantity of the mixture (reducing the speed) and quality mix (maximize torque). Such steps are repeated until then, until the motor will not achieve the smooth rumble when operating in any mode (including XX).