You must have sufficient knowledge and skills to ensure that you could correctly adjust the carb. Inspect the carburetor. To adjust it there are two screws. For the number of revolutions meets the first adjusting screw, and for the quality of the mixture the second. Idling adjustment of the engine speed and adjusting the content of co is produced.
Make adjustments only at idle, the system which is Autonomous. Only at engine idle speed you can adjust the quality of the mixture using an appropriate screw.
Inspect and, if necessary, adjust the ignition system before adjusting the carburetor. The engine should be fully functional. On the failed engine to adjust the carburetor correctly you will fail. If ignition and motor are normal, the adjustment will be successful.
If you have correctly adjusted the carburetor, the engine will stall when the voltage is removed from the solenoid. If not, then most likely the diaphragm is a hole leading to excessive consumption of gasoline. When replacing a solenoid valve jet idle speed leave the old factory. Check after adjustment, is clearly in its original position when releasing the throttle returns the throttle.
The frequency of rotation of the motor shaft and the adjustment of system idle speed must comply with all the requirements of the user's manual. If you do not comply with the norms specified therein, he will break the engine and will spend a large sum of money for its repair.
If you do not have sufficient experience for such type of work, carry out all the necessary procedures only with a specialist. Special attention to after adjusting co content in the exhaust gases is not exceeded.