You will need
  • - screwdriver;
  • - a device for measuring;
  • - new plugs;
  • - the screws of the quality and quantity of the mixture.
Perform first check the spark plugs, how to adjust carburetor "Ozone" is possible only with working candles. Then start to warm the engine up until the coolant temperature will be at least 80 degrees Celsius.
Then fully open the choke the carburetor and just put the adjustment screws. When installing, install the screw to failure, and then Unscrew it two turns. Then you need to turn the screw amount of mix that is literally a turn and a half from the position at which the lever begins to act. Pay attention to this lever, as the throttle is attached exactly to the axis.
Check for crankshaft the minimum speed, in this case you will need to remove the screw if it will have an arbitrary position. Then rotate to the desired direction of the screw, so you can set the maximum frequency of rotation of the crankshaft. While performing this action, you should not move the throttle.
Then again install the crankshaft to a minimum rotational speed, while turning the set screw. In this case, the frequency should be as stable as possible. Usually after two or three such steps, you will be able to detect this situation screws that are ideal for your machine. This position will provide the necessary quantity and quality of the mixture, which will lead to the most economical operation of the engine and low fuel consumption.
Let's see how well you managed to adjust the mechanisms. Make a dramatic opening and closing the throttle. If the engine will continue to run, it means you made the right carburetor settings. If not, repeat the setting again. And don't forget to put after adjusting the new plug in order to not lost your settings.