You will need
  • - screwdriver.
In most cases a factory installed carb does not support a stable idle. A possible reason lies in the excessively lean mixture. Unscrew the screw of quality of the fuel mixture to enrich it. Adjustment of CO are allowed within 2%.
If there is a air leak after the throttle, check the so-called mating plane of the carburetor. Check simultaneously the tightness of the vacuum tube amplifier, its seals and the correct installation of the intake manifold and its gaskets. If necessary, restore the seal, pulling the fasteners or replacing the gasket.
If the engine stalls after deceleration, replace the nozzle at its option, having a higher bandwidth. Additionally, check the control unit and adjust it for the new nozzle.
In the case when warming up a cold engine, with a hinged accompanied by a "Gulf", first warm up the engine. Then completely cover the choke, pulling the "leak". Release the locknut on the stem of the automatic regulator valve. Now twist the rod with a screwdriver until the revs do not reach 3000 rpm. Screw the jam nut onto the stem.
Modify the carburetor, increasing the diameter of the main diffuser and configuring the system for them. This measure will help to further improve dynamic performance, however, requires certain skills and qualifications. If you are confident in your abilities, ask for help at the auto shop.
If the standard carb is brand 083 serviceable and adjusted, but the dynamics of the vehicle is not satisfactory, replace the carb DAAZ 21073. The main advantage of this model is fuel efficiency.