Advice 1: How to adjust carburetor chainsaw "Ural"

Optimum operation of the chainsaw is impossible without adjustment of its carburetor, consisting in the selection of the characteristics of the fuel mixture for different operating modes. General rules for the settings of this device are the same for different brands of chainsaws, but adjusting the carb saw "Ural" has some peculiarities.
How to adjust carburetor chainsaw "Ural"
You will need
  • - technical passport of the chainsaw;
  • - screwdriver;
  • - a set of wrenches.
Read the rules of operation of chainsawslisted in the technical manual. Before you start self-adjustment the carburetor on a new saw, remember, what are the factory settings. It is not recommended to make changes to the carb, until the engine and spend a few hours with the settings exposed by the manufacturer.
Start the adjustment at idle. Start the engine and let it run at low speed. Using the adjusting screw at the carburetor until the engine has gained momentum steadily, and the chain was not moved on the bus.
Go to medium speed. If the engine begins to smoke, partially tighten the screw, which will make the mixture poorer. Smoke after depletion of the mixture must cease and the engine speed will increase. Make with a sharp press on the throttle lever the engine picked up speed quickly and smoothly.
Check the engine response of a saw. Set the minimum rpm, which would need to Unscrew the adjustment screw. Now sharply push the lever to the end and soak it in this position for at least three seconds. If the engine stalls or is too slow increase the speed, gradually remove the screw. Selecting the optimum mode of operation to securely fix the adjusting screw lock nut.
For newly purchased saw, not tuned for maximum power and not the last run-in, also adjust the carb, consistently changing the position of the screw carb. Remember that by unscrewing the mixture screw is enriched, and in case of partial screwing it becomes poorer.
A final adjustment of the carburetor are produced after three or four hours of chainsaw in a real work environment, that is, when sawing wood.

Advice 2: How to adjust the carburetor of a chainsaw

For a flawless and long-term operation of a chainsaw is required to periodically adjust the carburetor. This should be done taking into account the specific brand of your device, and standard parameters specified in the technical manual supplied with the saw. The correct adjustment of the carburetor will depend on the efficiency of the entire technical system.
How to adjust the carburetor of a chainsaw
You will need
  • - the manual of a chainsaw;
  • - tachometer;
  • - screwdriver.
Check device chainsawset forth in technical documentation for it. Determine the location of the jets of the carb and the adjustment screws. The standard carb has usually two or three screw controls the fuel mixture adjustment screw idle speed, and screws the jets high and low speed.
To adjust high and low engine speed saw, use the appropriate screws. They regulate the ratio of fuel and air that is determined by the degree of throttle opening. For the lean mixture screw in the corresponding screw clockwise. If necessary, increase the engine speed (i.e. richer mixture), remove the screw by rotating it counterclockwise.
Adjustment of idling speed is also carried out by rotating the right screw. Turn the knob in the direction of clockwise to increase the frequency of idling. To reduce engine speed slowly turn the screw in the opposite direction.
When adjusting the carburetor , keep in mind that the initial stage of operation of a chainsaw is necessary to keep the factory settings. Exposed the factory settings are calculated for a richer mixture. After hours of work the saw can begin to self-adjust the carb.
Run the saw at full speed for 10-20 seconds. Then, Unscrew the needle valve the high speed counterclockwise. Ten seconds with a tachometer check the maximum engine speed and contrast the findings with those specified in the technical passport of the device. Too lean makes the saw "scream"; the excessive enrichment of the mixture of smoke from the muffler.
Observe when you change settings caution since a sharp change in the number of high speed greatly affects the power device and the rotation speed of the circuit. The depletion of hot mix leads to unnecessary, excessive rpm, which can lead to damage to the chainsaw down.

Advice 3: How to adjust the carburetor in eye

After prolonged operation of the vehicle, many parts wear out. With them quality suffers the carband then at idle it may stall. This means that it's time to adjust.

How to adjust the carburetor in eye
You will need
  • - screwdriver;
  • wrench.
Install the crankshaft minimum rotational speed. To set the maximum speed of the screw of quality of a mix, need to turn it in different directions, but not to change the location of the throttle.
Warm up the car engine, as only under such conditions can make the carb adjustment. Then, using the first screw to limit closing of the throttle columns. This will help to fix the position of the open damper of the car in the right (primary) chamber of the carburetor. The second screw adjust the quality of the fuel mixture. This means that unscrewing it, you thereby increase in vapor fuel system maintenance gasoline and get rich. If you're spinning it inside the mixture will impoverish.
Don't forget to turn to failure of the screw of quality of a mix and the screw of quantity of a mixture screw two turns.
Proceed directly to the carb adjustment to ensure stable operation of the engine, "Oki" at idle. Do it only after the handle located at the bottom of the carb screws. Find the location of the adjustment screws, which is correct (will provide the necessary quality and quantity of the mixture). Smooth and economical operation will be achieved exactly at the same position.
Turn the first screw to the left, and then right below the rotational speed of a crankshaft of the engine was set to minimum speed. Do the same with the second screw to set the maximum engine speed.
Complete carb adjustment "Oki" in the following way. The first screw is set to the rotational speed of 600-700 rpm, and pedal, increase them to 4000. After this action the engine should run well at idle.
Useful advice
Be sure to observe the operating instructions not to aggravate the condition of your carburetor.

Advice 4: How to adjust valve on a 402 engine

In order to compensate for thermal expansion valves, an engine design that provides clearance between end of valve stem and camshaft lobe. If this gap is higher than normal, the valve will not fully open if below normal – the valve is fully closed.
How to adjust valve on a 402 engine
You will need
  • - set of automotive tool;
  • - bladed feeler gauges;
  • - ratchet wrench crankshaft.
The adjustment of thermal backlashes between the rocker arms and valves spending on a cold engine ZMZ-402. While retaining nuts to the cylinder head and stands the rocker arm shaft should be tightened with the necessary force. Remove the air filter housing and carburetor. Disconnect the outlet pipe of the crankcase gases. Disconnect the pipeline of a vacuum regulator of the gauge-allocator of ignition.
Remove the cap from the valve rocker arms (the cover of the head unit) by unscrewing the 6 screws of its fastening. The piston of the first cylinder set at top dead centre (TDC) of compression stroke. To do this, rotate the crankshaft until the third mark until its pulley aligns with the pointer on the gear cover. The rotation of the crankshaft of spending by special key installed on his ratchet.
Make sure that the intake and exhaust valves in the fully closed position and the rocker valve can be turned freely. Check with a feeler gauge the clearance between the rocker arm and the valve. The clearance for all intake valves must be 0,4-0,45 mm. the clearance for the exhaust valves of the first and fourth cylinder shall be 0,35-0,4 mm, for the second and third cylinders of 0.4-0.45 mm. With normal clearance the probe should enter into the gap with little resistance.
If the value of the thermal gap requires adjustment, loosen the locknut on the adjustment screw with a suitable wrench. A second key hold the adjusting screw against unintentional turning. Gap adjust the slow rotation of the adjusting screw with simultaneous continuous control of the magnitude of the gap. After finishing the adjustment, tighten the adjusting screw lock nut. Again hold the key against accidental displacement. Re-check the gap. In the same way, adjust the clearance of the other valve of the first cylinder.
Rotate the engine 180 degrees and adjust the valve clearances on the first cylinder using the above steps. Then rotate the crankshaft another 180 degrees and adjust the clearances of the valves of the fourth cylinder. Then again rotate the crankshaft 180 degrees and adjust the valve clearance of the third cylinder.

Advice 5: How to build a gasoline for chainsaws

In most cases, the chainsaw is an ordinary chain saw equipped with a two-stroke engine. It works on a special mixture of gasoline and oil, and added to the engine. Should elaborate on the question how to breed fuel mixture for chainsaw.
To prepare the fuel mixture for chainsaw to the mind!

How to breed fuel mixture for chainsaw? Materials for cooking

First you need to prepare everything necessary, namely, gasoline and oil. Gasoline it is recommended to purchase AI-92 or AI-95. Other types with the lowest octane number you should use. Complete with a chainsaw, there are special synthetic engine oil designed specifically for two-stroke engine. Attention! Not as an alternative to gasoline diluted oil intended for four-stroke engines, and oils, designed for boat motors!
Official producer of a particular brand of chainsaws offers a number of versatile additives to its fuel mix, which helps improve the performance of two-stroke engine. It is recommended not to neglect this issue.

In addition to gasoline and motor oil need and a clean, dry container. Do not neglect this advice: capacity must be dry mandatory, as drops of water and any foreign objects can significantly harm the heart of a chainsaw – its engine!

How to breed fuel mixture for chainsaw? Usage instructions

If all that is necessary for preparation of the fuel mixture, is at hand, we can proceed to action. So, the standard ratio of gasoline to oil is considered to be the following: 1 to 40 or 1 to 50. It should be noted that these figures are a manufacturer of chainsaws can vary, so be sure to, it is recommended to know your own ratio, which is indicated on the Bank with the engine oil that comes with the chainsaw.

Don't be carried away by adding oil into fuel! The fact that the excessive addition of synthetic oil into the gasoline used for the two-stroke engine of a chainsaw, increase its opacity. This, in turn, will lead to plug fouling and the entire piston group of the engine. In this case, breakage of a chainsaw cannot be avoided. To avoid this, it is necessary to carefully and accurately monitor the amount added to gasoline oil.
Manufacturers of modern chainsaws recommend that all owners of this tool to get a special chain oil. The fact that its use will reduce the amount of consumed fuel mixture.

If for some reason engine oil has been added more than the norm, it is recommended to increase the amount of gasoline in proportion to the number already added oil. You should watch and due to lack of oil in the fuel: if it was added below the norm, on the pistons of the engine will begin to appear a bully.

As soon as engine oil and gasoline will be added in the required amount in a single and dry (!) capacity, it must close tight lid, and then carefully mix all the ingredients. It is not necessary to prepare a large quantity of the fuel mixture for chainsaw, since the shelf life should not exceed one month. If the fuel mixture will be stored for more than month, then to avoid its oxidation and loss of all lubricating properties. In addition, can not be avoided and damage to the chainsaw.


Advice 6: A chainsaw or chain saw: it is better to choose for the building?

Summer residents and owners of country houses it is often necessary to perform different work on wood. Of course, chop firewood or cut down small knots on the tree with an ax or handsaw. But if you need to put the log or to cut down an old tree, you need a reliable petrol or electric saws.
 A chainsaw or chain saw: it is better to choose for the building?

Mobility and portability

The main advantage of chainsaw – portability, it does not depend on electricity, it can be used anywhere. However, to make it work, it will take time because you need to pre-dilute the fuel mixture. To work with the chainsaw in all weather conditions, but at low temperatures it is difficult to make.

The main advantage of the electric saw is easy to work with it. However, in some cases, such as high humidity and in the rain, its use is not recommended. With an electric saw, you can work indoors, she, unlike the chainsaw, it does not emit exhaust gases.
A big drawback of electric saws is dependent on the availability of electricity. If you intend to use it for outdoor work, you will have to take care of the extension cable.

The power and scope of use

Saws are of the household tools they are compact, their weight is usually less than the weight of any chainsaw. If you compare the power, according to this criterion, the household electro - and chainsaws are virtually identical. But semi-professional and professional chainsaw order of magnitude more powerful than any electric model.

Chainsaw indispensable for the implementation of works on construction of the house, and a professional model saws to be used for working with frozen wood.

For thick timber it is best to choose a chainsaw, and for the implementation of minor works will fit the electric model, which can be used exactly to cut even thin boards.
In the implementation of works using the appliance it is recommended to take a break every 20-30 minutes to allow the engine to cool down.

Features care and maintenance

Work with any tool requires certain skills and knowledge. To understand the features of the care tool, it is necessary to know its structure and working principle. Then during operation, you can avoid unpleasant situations, including injuries.

About the care of a specific tool is written in the instruction manual. But there are common elements. Choice of chain and tire depends on the model of the saw and the work performed. For petrol and electric saws, you must choose a special lubricating oil for chain, and chain saws it is necessary to purchase gasoline (usually 92 Ron) and motor oil (usually two-stroke semi-synthetic or mineral) for the preparation of the fuel mixture.
Operation of chainsaws, as a rule, more expensive.

Thus, the characteristics of the different models of saws, we can conclude that the choice of saw depends on the type of planned works and their fulfillment.
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