You will need
  • -passport for all future owners
  • -title documents to the property
  • -extract from the cadastral passport of the house or apartment
  • cadastral passport on the ground
  • -statement
  • -receipt about payment of state duty for registration
For the registration of ownership of the house or apartment need to extract from the cadastral passport. It is issued in the BTI. If your cadastre passport and technical documents for the house was issued, but it has been 5 years, all documents need to be updated. To do this, apply ice to call a technician. After inspecting the house and outbuildings or apartment, you will make an update of the technical plan and will give a statement on the basis of the new documents.
If you want to obtain the certificate of house property, should immediately obtain a certificate of ownership of the land. Having the cadastral passport is nothing more to be done. The certificate will issue on the basis of the cadastral passport. If you don't have it, you need to make. Without it the certificate of the right of ownership is not issued. So the house you also will not be able to issue, as the earth is an integral part of the house.
In order to obtain a cadastral passport you need to call the surveyors of the organizations on land management. They will produce the technical work on the land and will produce to your site technical documents on the basis of work done. They need to register in Central registration, cadastre and cartography, that is, in ROSNEDVIZHIMOSTI. Once your site is registered and will assign the inventory number, you will receive the cadastral passport.
The certificate of ownership the apartment is issued on the basis of an extract from the cadastral passport of the apartment and legal documents for her.
The certificate of ownership for a land plot is issued on the basis of an extract from the cadastral passport of the house and the cadastral passport on the land plot.
To obtain the evidence required all future owners to contact the center for registration of identity documents and write a statement about the desire to formalize property rights. In the certificate of ownership fit all persons listed in the title documents.