You will need
  • - the cadastral passport on the land;
  • - a document confirming the right of ownership of the site;
  • - Declaration of the established sample;
  • - the conclusion of BTI;
  • - the building permit or the entering into operation of the structure.
If you want to buy a holiday home seasonal residence located on the land plot of the horticultural Association, contact an organization that deals with the registration of property rights.
Imagine in territorial administration of Federal registration service the documents. It includes the Declaration with a description of the construction. As well as a document confirming the right of land ownership and the cadastral passport on the land plot on which it has structure. In some cases, you may need a certificate from the Bureau of technical inventory (BTI), identifying the dimensions of the structure.
If you have designed for permanent living house, which stands on land belonging to the category of land for individual housing construction, for the same territorial registration service pick up other documents.
Take the cadastral passport of the land and buildings, designed by experts BTI. Don't forget another important document is proof of ownership of the land under the structure. And be sure to grab a permit to put the structure in operation.
Keep in mind that only the right documents can be guaranteed the legality of the construction on the land plot. So if possible, start to prepare documents before the start of construction.
Sure to get a building permit and a copy of the land. Coordinate the construction of the Committee on architecture and urban planning of the municipality. And then start the actual construction of the building.
If you are not too confident versed in Russian law, especially when you need to issue in the property illegal construction, contact the lawyers of the desired profile.