You will need
  • - statement on the establishment of the working Committee;
  • - construction passport.
The local authorities submit an application for the establishment of a working Commission, which would have taken built the house in operation. Along with the application, grant the construction certificate and contract for construction contractor and a copy of its license (the latter two documents are needed only in case if the construction of the buildingand was carried out by contract method).
The working Committee will be established within ten days. In the composition of this Commission are representatives of local authorities, fire supervision, sanitary-epidemic control, architectural and construction supervision and other authorities. Share of the Commission to handed over in exploitation of the object. During the first stage of testing - a ten - day period, a working Committee will examine the project existing permits and approvals. Then for the next ten days, the Commission will conduct a survey of design and engineering systems. Based on these checks shall be drawn about the suitability of the houseand living in it the people or the unsuitability of the object.
If during the inspection by the working Commission was discovered gaps, fix them. Again, a working Committee may be convened not earlier than thirty days after the first check.