What to pay special attention

Such real estate transactions, like buying a house with land, have their pitfalls. To successfully complete the transaction, it is best to contact an experienced lawyer who can deal with the design of the site.

One of the common errors is the neglect of two important rules: this is a test of the right to land and rights to the real estate itself. You need to make sure those two rights has been certified and registered.

Sometimes it may happen that the seller has no ownership rights to the land, but he has the right of lifetime inheritable donation, or the owner has registered only the land, but has no right to build. In these cases, you may encounter problems that can be solved only in a judicial order.

If you decide to buy a house under power of attorney, be sure to check all documents at the notary, as the cases of fraud in this direction. Definitely need to find the person who made this power of attorney and specify that the property is for sale.

The list of required documents

Mandatory when buying a house and land are the documents of title to the property. These documents include the certificate of state registration of ownership of building or the act of receiving Commission on acceptance into operation of completed project (if the house was built directly by the seller). However, there are other circumstances of life, after which the person enters into a right of ownership. That is why the list of documents can be expanded. The list can be supplemented by the following documents:
- the contract of sale, gift or exchange;
- certificate of entry into a right of inheritance, to which is attached the certificate of state registration;
- technical passport of homeownership to record the total floor area and the area of each of the areas and their boundaries;
- the documents confirming the right of ownership of the land.

It is obligatory to check that the land on which the house is built, were the actual property of the seller, and not only executed correctly. She has to be in the right property. In addition, it is worth remembering that the land needs to be privatized. The observance of these points guarantees the absence of unnecessary problems when buying a home.