You will need
  • - agreement of purchase and sale;
  • - certificate of no lien on the house and the debt outstanding;
  • - certificate of ownership;
  • - the documents confirming presence or absence in the house of children or incapacitated persons, having residence permit;
  • - the act of transfer-acceptance of the house.
If an incorrect registration of the contract you risk being left with nothing, while spending a considerable sum of money. When buying a home, be sure to verify the lawful rights of the owner, check his certificate of ownership. Also ask to see you certificate on absence of arrests and taxes.
Ask also if the house minor children and incapacitated citizens, and if available, request permission to deal of the guardianship and de-registration of family members. Otherwise, the contract may be declared null and void.
The contract to purchase the home apply for in writing and assure at the notary. Although the notarization of the contract is not a prerequisite for buying a home, but it is an additional guarantee of its legality.
At the conclusion of the contract of sale, specify the actual amount of the transaction. Of course, the lower prices will reduce the amount that you pay tax, but when you return the money as a result of termination of the transaction, you may get the amount that was specified in the contract and not paid real.
In conclusion, take the house on the act of transfer and acceptance. Thus check whether the data of the apartment or house, as specified in the contract with real. If not, do not sign the certificate, otherwise the fact of fraud you will have to prove in court, and this will be quite difficult.
At the slightest mismatch of the terms of the contract and the actual condition of the house, ask the seller to address the deficiencies identified. Unable to reach a supplementary agreement, where you specify all the defects of the house and determine the amount of its reduced value as a result of such deficiencies.
After completion of the transaction sign the house over to your name in the Unified register of rights to immovable property and transactions with him will receive a certificate of ownership.