You will need
  • legal documents for land
Review the documents that you have the title deed to the land on the basis of which you apply for registration in the country house property. What rights you own this land? If you got it by inheritance, or may dispose of land in perpetuity (for life), on the basis of the documents available to you will be registered the right to property of land.
Collect the documents needed for registration of house ownership. This is a completed Declaration about the property, which is filled by a certain pattern, the title deed to land, the cadastral plan of the site is included in the record at the place of registration of this plot of land. Cadastral plan is a map of the terrain on which you graphically and textually communicate the information contained in the State land cadastre.
Provide the necessary documents for the state registration of garden house. This includes a statement on the state registration of ownership rights, the original and copy of document about payment of registration fee, the document that certifies the identity of the applicant. If your interests are represented by anyone else, submit a power of attorney certified by a notary (original and copy). Don't forget about the Declaration on object of real estate (2экземпляра), title document to land and cadastral plan of your land (2 copies).
Please note that the Declaration is filled in by the applicant in the prescribed form, which was approved by order of Ministry of economic development. Instead of the cadastral plan can be presented to the opinion of the management Board of the relevant public authority governance (2 copies). It should also confirm that your garden house is within the boundaries of the submitted land.
Closely monitor amendments to the law relating to the registration and registration of houses. The documents on the site that was designed many years ago, often declared invalid. Ask what documents you need to redo it.
Find out when is concluded, on registration of ownership rights to your home. Usually, by law, the decision must be sent to you a month after filing.