Today there is a possibility of registration of the housing in a simplified manner on the basis of law No. 93-FZ about dacha Amnesty.
According to this law you should contact the office of the Federal registration service and to provide them with the necessary documents.
You'll need a document establishing your right to the site. This may be old is the certificate of your right of ownership to the land, the act of granting land or extract from the household book that you have a right to this land. If you have previously registered right to land, then you should not require any more legal documents.
To legal document you need to add a cadastral passport for the land plot. To contact the district office ROSNEDVIZHIMOSTI and provide them with legal title to the land. On the basis of this document will prescribe the cadastral passport on the land. This procedure can take up to 30 days. Learn about the delivery of the documents in advance.
Also you have to prepare documents that confirm the presence of the house. These documents include the cadastral passport of the house or the Declaration. You will need it if your house was built within the settlement.
For the cadastral passport at house go to BTI. In order to issue you a passport, employees of local ice should come to your home and measure all the parameters to make them a passport. For this service You have to pay.
If your home was built a long time ago and you have a technical passport of the old sample, the new you do not need.
After receiving all these documents, the office of the Federal registration service will register the building on you.
A simplified procedure is valid for buildings erected on the site, which was provided for personal use for the construction of up to 30.10.2001 and will have the power to 1.03.2015. If the land was given to you after 30.10.2001, then their right of ownership you have to prove in court.
To do this you must collect all the documents, write a claim for recognition of ownership of the house and to give it all to the court for consideration and decision. On the basis of a court decision you refer to the registration authority, which will issue you a certificate of ownership to the house.
The same fate awaits those who do not register their house in time to 1.03.2015.