You will need
  • -passport (all participants of the transaction)
  • documents on house and land
  • -the certificate on property in building and land
  • -the cadastral passport of the land plot
  • -technical passport of the house and outbuildings
  • -notarial authorization of the sale of all owners
  • -the receipt on payment of state duty for registration of house and land
For issuing a certificate of need technical passport of the building and the cadastral passport on the land plot. If you have not, then to design the technical passport at home, invite a technician from the Bureau of technical inventory. After examining your home and outbuildings, you will make a technical passport for the house. The expiration date of 5 years.
For registration of land, call the land management organization. They will hold the required amount of work and will produce the technical documents for the land plot. These documents need to go to the centre of land registration, cadastre and cartography. There, your site will register, will assign a cadastral number and the cadastral passport issue.
Technical passport of the house, cadastral passport for the land plot, the available documents on the house and land, you must visit the public registration center real estate listings. On the basis of these documents, you will be given a certificate on property house and land.
If the house and land are still the legal owners, they must consent to the sale of house and land. It will produce and certify the notary, in the presence of all the owners.
Having all the necessary documents can a notary to execute the contract of purchase andsale for a house and land and go to register it to new owners.