You will need
  • -your passport
  • -document for a house (certificate of inheritance, donation, contract of purchase and sale)
  • -technical passport of the house
  • cadastral passport for the land plot
  • receipt about payment of state duty for the house
  • receipt about payment of state duty on land
Residential house is always on the land, therefore, it is necessary to renew it. If the land there is a cadastral passport (cadastral number, to alter anything is not necessary. Just submit documents to the state records center. There you will issue the certificate on the property on your behalf on the basis of a document (certificate of inheritance, certificate of donation or contract of sale).
If the cadastral passport and has no number, then it should be done. To do this, call the land management organization. They will conduct necessary work and will give you the technical documents.
With the received documents, go to the center of registration, cadastre and cartography. There will assign a plot cadastral number and will produce a cadastral passport for it. After that, in the public registration center, you will be given a certificate of right to property of the land.
For renewal check the house when he made a technical passport. The expiration date of the document - 5 years. If this deadline has expired, call a technician from the Bureau of technical inventory. Based on the inspection of the house and outbuildings, you will make a new technical passport to the building.
With technical certificate and document to the house on the basis of which will issue to you, go to the state records center. Submitting documents, you will be given a certificate of right to property at home.