You will need
  • -passport
  • the right establishing documents on the house
  • the right establishing documents on the land plot
  • -technical passport of the house
  • cadastral passport for the land plot
  • -the receipt on payment of state duty for registration of house and land
For registration in the property home, you must make it a technical passport. In order to do that, call a technician from the Bureau of technical inventory. As a result of the inspection of the house and the outbuildings you will make a technical passport for buildings.
For registration in the property of land should get a cadastral number and the cadastral passport. To do this, refer to land surveyors organization. They will produce a survey, measurements, defining the boundaries with adjacent areas, make topographical survey of the area. On the basis of the works produced will produce the technical documentation for the land plot.
With the technical documents on land contact land registration, cadastre and cartography. On the basis of these documents your site will register and will assign the inventory number, will give out the cadastral passport.
With a technical passport for buildings, cadastral passport of the land by paying the state fee for registration of house and land, contact state license real estate center. Based on the documents you will be issued a certificate of right to property on the house and the land.