Do the most simple action in the direction of search of the owner of the car contact the police. Moreover, it is desirable to do it on stationary points, i.e. where there is access to a common database. Important for this search to know the registration number of the vehicle. But if you specify another, and make of the car, then the searches would be much narrower. The main disadvantage of this method - you need a very good reason to look for the owner based on the number of cars. Because otherwise the traffic police will simply deny your request and all.
Search for the owner of the car another way, which can be called a yard. It looks like this: every yard there are certainly a couple of garrulous old ladies who know everything about their neighbors. Therefore, in a private conversation with them you can learn a lot about the owner you are interested in cars. Including whether he earns and how they spend their free time. The main difficulty of this method is that to ingratiate himself to these information sources is difficult.
Try to identify the owner of the car through the district. You can make it an official request who owns the car. Need this in this case, as for example, if you gather in the yard to build the Playground, and this place is always someone's car. Just notify the district with a request to determine the owner. True, it will only be if the host machine resides in your district. If he only came to her house, the district will be powerless.