To get information about the owner of the motor vehicle in his state- room, please contact the nearest branch of the traffic police. Write a statement containing all information: the number of the car whose owner you want to know, as well as the reasons that led to this. Attach the documents proving your identity.
Wait for your application. If approved, you will get all the information about the owner: date and place of birth, surname, name, patronymic, home address and phone number.
In addition, you can contact the duty officer of the nearest stationary post of DPS. This option should be used if you are far away from populated areas. Each stationary post is equipped with computers, which you can use to obtain information about any car owner and the vehicle. Be sure to write the statement. Duty officer on the basis it will provide information about the owner of the license plate. In addition, if necessary the vehicle will be detained by means of operational services, for example, to curb road accidents.
If you have such possibility, contact the law enforcement. In an emergency they will be contacted via radio communication and receive all the information about the owner of the vehicle.
You can also apply to law enforcement, which set out the reasons for your appeal. The investigator or the investigator will submit a request to the traffic police.
If you want to find the owner of abandoned cars standing in the yard and disturbing the residents, to apply to the district. He will review your complaint and will set the owner and will take measures to physical search.
Do not use illegal ways, such as, free or paid databases. This can lead to criminal charges against you.