Contact the police if you plan to find out who owns the car. A personal appeal rational only in the case if you cropped, nasty, rude, threw out puddles, etc. If you are involved in a traffic accident and you need to find out information about the owner due to the fact that he fled the scene of an accident, call on the phone and call the police. To leave the place where the accident occurred, is not recommended.
Arrived staff describe any signs of the car, if possible, name the number, color, make of car, indicate who was driving, and how many people total were in the car.
At the scene will conduct all necessary work, make the Protocol, interviewing witnesses, but before it will transmit on the radio signs of the car speeding away from the scene of the accident.
If you do not remember the exact signs and can not clearly say the number, it is enough to specify number or letter fragment, model or color of the car. To find the culprit easier on named full room, but even in his excerpt, you can track down the owner.
Don't forget that any road traffic incident and there were many witnesses who saw everything from the outside. And if you can't describe the exact signs of the car, then there will be people who will be able to do it.
The traffic police will do everything possible to bring the culprit to justice.
If no significant incidents have happened and you just need to know who constantly parks his car under your Windows, even in the traffic police do not need to apply. Enough to talk to the grandmothers who sit at the entrance and I know literally everyone who from what apartment, someone with whom he lives and what car rides and even at what time parked under your window.