You will need
  • the statement in traffic police;
  • - search on the specialized sites;
  • survey friends, acquaintances, witnesses, neighbors, etc.
The most reliable information is the information obtained from official sources. To search for the owner of the car on his numbers contact police with the appropriate application. Note that the information on the owners of license plates shall be confidential and to comply with your request without good reason, no one will. Is that an old friendship or a bribe. However, if the car with these numbers hurt you or your family, there's a chance that you will report on its owner and open a criminal case. That is, as you can see, to appeal to the traffic police to find the owner of the car, you need to have serious arguments.
The second way to find information of interest – specialized sites. Now the Internet has many resources with databases, where you can find the name and even the address of the car owner. For the accuracy of the results and their reliability, however, difficult to guarantee, but you can try. In particular, we are talking about sites such as (information is provided for a fee) and All you need to do is write the car number and record the resulting information about the owner.
Try to find information through their friends and acquaintances. Chances are slim, but you never know. If the car is often parked in one place, near some companies, probably, the owner works there, or often visited on business. Then we can assume that the employees of the neighbouring building's car Park know you are interested in the person and remember the number of his car. Try to ask them about the owner of the car, see the doorman, the janitor or the security guard. Suddenly you are lucky and you will get the information you need without too much difficulty.