If we are talking about traffic violations or about hooliganism, contact SAI. The traffic police in their databases will determine who owns the car you are interested in, is someone power of attorney, and where this person is. In this case, you have every right to complain about him to the police or try to solve the conflict issues on their own. In any case, the law is on your side, and you will receive legal access to databases.
If no crime happened, and you just need to find the person, contact databases world wide web. Websites:,, http://www.poisk-automobile.ruwill help you find a fairly complete information about the drivers, if you know the registration number of the car. Unfortunately, these databases are not complete.
Use of computer disks containing the lists of the public offer and car owners. Now drives with such information no longer produced, but if the machine is not new, you can take the old drive and find there everything you need.
If you have friends in the traffic police refer to him. This is a great opportunity to informally obtain the information you need, and you will learn, you did not get this car in an accident, did the driver of the offense, even how many times he repainted the right car.
If you are interested in the car is constantly before our eyes, for example, stands in the yard, and you want to get acquainted with its owner, try to gather information about him, tracing the car or inquiring neighbors. It is possible that it will help you even faster than processing databases. If the car is very noticeable and unusual, you can find anything interesting in a car wash or service station, if you know exactly whose services resorts the owner of the vehicle.