Typically, this information is legally owned by only the traffic police. To them and need to go. For a single database, they can learn all about the car and its owner. However, not the fact that these data are courtesy of a third party on demand. The maximum that you can, to write a statement about the infringement of your driver's license or civil rights, supported by real facts, documents or witness testimony. For example, in the case of problematic transactions of purchase and sale, will tell you in detail what to do.
If you need information for court proceedings, state civil action and in the process, please submit the application. The court itself will request information about the owner.
Of course, such information you can try to get on the Internet or through "competent" people. But remember that its downloading and storage procedure a criminal offense.
There are, of course, and online services of this type, spread database anyone. Here already everyone decides for himself – to go for him to deal with his conscience or not.