To obtain reliable information about the car please contact the Department of traffic police. Tell the traffic police that you are planning to buy this car. Most likely you will not refuse. In the traffic police database exists by numbers and car owners, it is possible to learn information about the availability of the offences recorded on this particular license plate. If you know the VIN number of the car, it will be an additional advantage when testing.
To verify the number, there are online resources. However, they often have a geographical reference, the information they contain is not always reliable. A single database of the registration numbers of vehicles does not exist as such, each region or Republic has its own list of cars. You can run the car on the Internet on VIN-code. Go to in the appropriate box and get a response, is the car stolen or not. Do not assume that the information is accurate. In this database, it falls on the initiative of the injured motorist. In addition, a lot of online sites that request the sending of paid SMS-message and there is no guarantee that you will not become a victim of fraud.
Online on car forums, you can also find private ads on services provide complete information about cars and their owners by the registration number. However, this service is in doubt, because if there is no official database of interlinked vehicles in all regions of the Russian Federation and the CIS, where it will undertake a private person? Do not contact such services, most likely you are just wasting money.
To find out if the vehicle is in the Bank under the pledge, also very difficult. Banks a lot, but a single database exists only for chronic defaulters, they are entered in "black list". Contact several large banks of Federal importance with a request for information about a specific car. But if there is not confirm the presence of collateral, it does not mean that the car is not credit. Often, the original title in the collateral remains with the owner on hand.