You will need
  • The statements about the violation of your civil rights or driver's license, a civil action, the petition.
All information about registered vehicles stored in the database of traffic police. Contact this organization if necessary, it owned a database of all the cars, their owners and the history of offenses. But, according to the law, this information cannot be provided to a third party.
One way out of this situation is applying for violation of your civil rights or driving, with the inclusion of documents that contain eyewitness accounts, videotape the event and other evidence of violations. In the case of problems in the transaction of purchase and sale you will be able to get detailed advice about the actions undertaken within the legal field.
If your case requires further trial, file a civil suit and the petition. Based on the submitted documents, the court will execute the request for information about the owner of the car.
Another way to get information is to find on the Internet or via "helper". Be aware that the storage and transmission of such information is criminally punishable by law. You can become victim to unscrupulous extortioners and suffer for your actions criminal liability.
There are online help she provides a service to determine the owner of the car. Here you will choose whether or not to use such information, often because all the data of such databases already expired and out of date. So you spend the time and do not receive the information.
One of the legal methods for the determination of the owner of the car, to go to a private detective. License search actions allows you to perform a formal request to the traffic police and get the right information. It should be remembered that not always the car owner is the person who currently drives a vehicle.