You will need
  • computer;
  • - access to the Internet;
  • - Internet banking;
  • - Bank card and ATM.
To view the balance on the account using Internet banking, log in to it.
In many cases, the account number and available balance you will be able to see immediately after login.
If you open another page, click the appropriate tab ("My account", "account Balance", "Accounts and cards" etc.).
If you wish to learn the history of account transactions, click on it or specify a command to generate statements. You can also set the desired parameters, view the abstract for any desired period.
If the Internet is not at hand, but to account, attached Bank card, you can check the balance on it ATM.
Insert the card into the device, select language if prompted, enter the PIN and select in menu the option "Balance account" ("Available balance" or other similar in meaning). If you check the account in a foreign ATM and he offers several options, look first in the list (usually the current). Your the one that want to watch.
ATM can offer a choice on the screen to give information or to print the check. Do based on their preferences.