Look for the seller's name, which is located on either the top or bottom of a cash receipt. Don't be surprised if you'll run the check on behalf of an unknown individual entrepreneur or organization: instruction is not the name of the store or brand, and the name of the entity, which is recorded in the founding documents. In case of any complaints about a purchase made, to show they should be in the name of such business entity. In the checke also indicates an individual taxpayer identification number (tin).
You will also need the serial number check. It is available for pre-figures the letters "SCH", the words "check" or "Fisk. check", symbols "n" or "#". Sometimes a room checkand without a special notation is placed opposite the amount of the purchase.
When shopping in large stores, hypermarkets it is often difficult to remember what the cash register was broken check. For this case, the cash receipte indicates the corresponding number. It may be referred to as the "KKM", "NM", "serial number", "cash". Also checke usually contains the ID of a section or Department of the store. Sometimes, in addition, reflects the number or name of the cashier, accompanied by the word "cashier".
Determine the date and time of purchase on the relevant details, usually located in the cash receipte top. To checkAh, embossed with the help of sophisticated cash registers, can impact the start time and end time of purchase.
Find checke name (code) of goods. Often cash registers are programmed to cash a checke after the name or code of the item affected the interim result.
Essential cash the checkand is the total cost of purchase which is in receipte is denoted by the letter "I" or the word "end". The amount received from the buyer, and the size of the delivery also be recorded in a checkE. In some checkAh contains information on how the buyer paid with: cash or non-cash means.