Each system of e – money." So let's take a common operation for the transfer is a transfer of money from the electronic purse "Yandex.Money" on the card of the Russian Bank VTB.
Today officially and legally "Yandex" is the owner of the payment system. The project is Russian, so he focused on the population of Russia. System "Yandex.The money is intended only for individuals.
If you open the account in VTB Bank, everything is easy and simple. For this you need to enter the menu system of Yandex. Money" and click "Transfer to Bank account". There fill the fields with data ( name, account number, proud to stay and so on).
After the money was sent to the card VTB is to wait for the refill. If card not, then you need to go to VTB Bank and transfer it to your name. A plastic card will do for about two weeks, after that you will be able to withdraw money from the system.
If you use some other virtual monetary system, the money derived by approximate algorithm with the system "Yandex".
In some systems, such as "WebMoney", to withdraw harder. There is need to confirm by means of documents of your identity. But after receiving a free "formal passport with verified data" to transfer money to the card VTB will not be difficult.