Visit the Department home Credit Bank

One of the simplest and most popular ways to find out the balance on the loan at home Credit Bank is a visit to the Bank branch where the credit Manager will provide detailed information about the existing debt, and will print an updated schedule of payments. To retrieve data you will need a passport that identificeret personality, and the credit agreement. But, despite the simplicity of the query in this way, you should be prepared for the fact that you have to spend a lot of time in the office, waiting for their turn.

Call the hotline

You can find out the balance on the loan at home Credit Bank, by calling the single hotline number. For residents of Russia there is a free room 8-800-700-8006, but for the residents of the city of Moscow derived a separate line with the number 8-495-785-8222. Calls to these numbers can be made from city phones and mobile communication.

To obtain the relevant information necessary to dial the number, listen to Voicemail, to choose the appropriate option and wait for the connection to the operator, to communicate with whom will need your passport details and the loan agreement.

To obtain information about the balance on the loan can only the borrower and if the Bank Manager during a telephone conversation in doubt about the identity, it can request additional information or refuse to provide data.

The service "Telephone banking"

In cases where the operator to get through, and you have a mobile phone, you can use the service "Telephone banking" but for this advance you should obtain the TPIN code by phone of the hot line. If the specified code is what you need:

- dial the number and press 8-800-700-8006 "0";

- choose the menu item "1 – information on the contract or the map and press #;

- enter the credit card number consisting of 16 digits, or the number of the contract on the loan of 10 digits, press #;

- has to enter TPIN-code.

- choose the menu item "2-the Amount for the full repayment" for information on the cash consumer credit or the menu item "3" for the formation of a balance on a credit card.

After surgery information about the existing debt will be issued by the answering machine.

Internet Bank

The Internet users have the opportunity to know the balance of the credit in home Credit Bank in your account on the official website. Initially you will need to undergo authorization, which is necessary to call the hotline depending on the location of the client and contact the operator to get the password and login. The alternative to obtaining this information is going to the Bank, where credit managers upon presentation of a passport and the credit agreement will be given has identification information. Obtained from the Bank a one-time password, and after applying and entering your personal Cabinet you need for reliability immediately change the combination of symbols.

Another good way to find out the balance on the loan at home Credit Bank is the use of "Credit account" which is free and available at any time. To do this:

- to visit the Bank's website;

- go to tab "Enter loan account";

- enter in the appropriate fields date of birth and mobile number of the borrower;

- get a text message with a one time password and log in to the office.

After login the page will appear all the data on the credit: the information about received payments and the timing of next and also about the balance of the loan payable to the complete closure of the contract.

Before you pay for the loan in full or make partial payment, it is necessary to find out the balance on the loan at home Credit Bank to eliminate the shortfall and to protect themselves from penalties and damage your credit history.