You will need
  • The number of money transfer
When there is no possibility to transfer money to a recipient's Bank account or the recipient is outside the country, there is a need for the services of money transfer systems.
In the country more profitable to transfer money to a current or card account of the recipient, as a percentage of any money transfer systems exceeds the Bank's Commission.
The choice of system depends not only on the magnitude of the percent for the transfer of funds, as well as the country of residence of the recipient. First is to see if people get money in that city, where he is, or he will have to spend the time to find the dot, which maintains the system, which was sent to media.
Sending money, after a few minutes, you can ask the Bank employee to check the status of your transfer. If the recipient has already managed to collect the funds, the status will be "paid Transfer".
Each system has its own hotline, telephone number which you can see on the printed client documents control number of translation. By calling the phone number specified and dictated by the transfer number, you can be sure that he received.
Some systems provide such information through the Internet, you must enter the required data on the website system and to obtain information. This service is completely free.
You can also simply call the recipient and find out whether he could withdraw money.
In case of any problems, ask a Bank employee to set your mobile phone number. Not beneficial to anyone, the money was lost and was not received by the other party. Then they will hang on the account and at the end of the month if the transfer is not paid, the entire amount excluding the fee is returned to the sender.
The advantages of the system – the ability to send and receive money without opening an account, but with the restriction amount.