The balance of the card PSB can be found in Bank branch or by requesting it in the ATM. Information about the location of the ATMs of the Bank and partner banks (in which you can check the balance and withdraw money without a fee) available on the PSB website. It is worth considering that for balance enquiry in third-party ATM will have to pay.

But these methods are not always available, especially when you are on vacation in another city or country. Therefore, PSB provides a number of capabilities that allow you to control the account status remotely. Their advantage is that they allow you to track income to and withdrawals online 24 hours a day from anywhere in the world.

A call to customer service

To find out how much money is left on the card by phone service customer support 8(800)333-03-03. A call across Russia is free. Moscow residents can use the number 8(495)787-33-33. The support is available around the clock.

The service of SMS-informing

In addition, the Bank branch or Internet banking, you can activate the service of SMS-informing. For a remote connection service, you must log on to the Internet-Bank PSB-Retail, then open the page with the list of cards and choose a card to connect to the service, in front of the line "card Services" click on "Customize".

SMS-informing allows you to instantly obtain information about all income and expenditure transactions. For example, if the payment card holder will immediately receive an SMS with the amount of purchase and the available balance. This is a paid service, it will need to pay 45 Euro a month.

Internet Bank PSB-Retail

PSB has its own version of the Internet Bank, called PSB-Retail. According to this method, the card holder has the ability to monitor all operations from anywhere in the world. This requires only Internet access. To register PSB-Retail is very simple. To do this, go to the PSB website on the page of the Internet Bank and follow the instructions on the website.

The Internet Bank has a wide range. It allows you to card statement, and pay online or to transfer money from account to account. You can also connect the card to 3D-Secure, which is designed to improve the security of online purchases using the card. When paying for any goods, the user will receive an SMS with the number that must be entered to confirm the purchase.