You will need
  • - passport;
  • - SNILS;
  • - access to the Internet.
Contact your local branch of the Pension Fund. There you will be asked to write a statement indicating the passport data and numbers of pension insurance certificate. After that, you can provide your Bank account all you are interested in the contributions the employer and other tax agents in your favor.
You can send your request to receive account statements by postal mail. The application is written in free form, however, it is imperative to indicate your passport data, number, pension certificate number, address of the organization with which you are requesting the status of the account and the request. The response to this request must come within 30 calendar days.
Try to take the opportunity to learn about the state of their retirement accounts online. Go to the website It is a unified state portal, aimed at informing citizens on social issues. Sign up and you will be able to learn about the pension contributions at any time convenient for you. To see all services under "Social security" there and filled the application for the discharge from your account. To register you will need to enter the number of your pension insurance certificate, passport and fill out a request for services.