You will need
  • number of pension insurance certificate;
  • - computer with Internet access;
  • paper;
  • - fountain pen;
  • - mailing envelope.
To get the extract over the Internet, you need to have an account on the portal of state services.
If not, will have to pass simple registration. As login using your number, pension insurance certificate (on the portal he's called SNILS).
You can choose password authentication or digital signature that then you will be formed.
If you have an account you need to register on the portal of state services and choose from the list of proposed features obtaining an extended statement from the Pension Fund.
Statement will be generated and available online within a few minutes.
You can also send a request to the Department of Pension Fund ofthe Russian Federation, where are registered (place of residence). It is made in any form, but must contain information of where you are applying for, your surname, first name and patronymic, registration address, number, pension insurance certificate and a request to provide information about the status of your personalized account.
This document can be sent to the Fund by mail or taken personally. The answer must be given by mail within one month of receipt of the request.