You will need
  • - passbook;
  • - computer with Internet access;
  • phone;
  • - the passport.
The system of "Sberbank Online", if that is connected to your account can be useful if you need to copy transfer information from an electronic source. Copy the figures and paste into another document and the online form will allow you to avoid mistakes common in manual input.
You will need to log into the system. Room account you will see on the screen.
To find the number of accounts on the phone, please call the call center of the Bank (number is on his website). Log in to the system and follow the voice prompts. If necessary, select the connection option with the operator.
Ask him a question, carefully write down the numbers and read it aloud to check the correctness.
If the number announced by the auto attendant, set the command retry information to check if everything is correctly recorded.
If you went to a Bank, show the teller your passport and tell him about your desire to learn account. He will give you this information, write down or print.