You will need
  • the identity document, ATM / cash machine, mobile phone, Bank card, savings book, a computer with Internet access.
If you have an account on a plastic card, go to ATM, make sure it belongs to the Bank in which you opened the card. Insert the card into the cell for receiving cards, enter the PIN sent to you in an envelope in the mail with your card or issued in the branch or Central office of the Bank. Click on the monitor ATM status account and find out what amount of cash is currently on your card. Print it on the screen or print on the receipt.
If the account to passbook or Bank card, apply personal visit to the branch or Central office of the Bank, which opened a personal account. Express your request to the Bank officer on the inspection of replenishment of your personal account. Provide a document proving the identity. If you have a savings book, hand it in, if the Bank card – provide details (number of accounts, number of cards) and say the code word you invented in the contract with the Bank. After verification of the submitted information, a Bank employee will give you the necessary information by asking you to sign her receipt.
Each Bank has a website, go to the main page and sign up. Enter the cell phone number in a required field, it will subsequently receive an SMS with a password, enter it. The support operator will call you back and tell you how to identify on the website. After that you can entering your username and password to check the status of your account on the card or passbook, without leaving home.
Call the toll free support number of the Bank where you registered your current account, switch your phone to tone mode. Using the commands of the voice mail, enter the required information. And you'll learn about the refilling of the personal account.
Connect to the mobile banking in the branch or Central office of the Bank. For it you will to pay monthly subscription fee. Of cash funds on the card or passbook, you will receive the notification via SMS.