To clarify the payment transaction use a special service, located on the official website of the Federal Tax Service of the Russian Federation at Here you should find the tab "individuals" and go into the section designed for them. Here are the link to the page where you can get acquainted with the news of the tax, materials and regulations.
Find the menu located to the right of the link "Electronic services" and proceed to the next section, which provides three solutions for your problem. First one offers you to find address and phone service, which is charging you taxes. To use this service you will be able to, selecting the first menu item, called respectively "the address of your inspection." Now you will be asked to enter the number of your office, on when known, or your home address. After that, the system will give you the coordinates necessary inspections, identifying possible ways to communicate and clarify your question.
In the section "E-services" you can use another option to contact your office. Link to service that allows you to contact the inspectors by e-mail a specific Department located in the General list called "to apply to the FTS of Russia". Here you can fill in a special application form. After registration the system will automatically direct your request to the correct Department.
But the shortest way to make sure a timely receipt of your payments in the budget, is to check the information about the charge in a special section located in the same menu called "taxpayer's Office". Here can be accessed directly by clicking on the address Fill in the information necessary for identification (INN, surname, name and patronymic) and search information in the database. Let's see what debts taxm listed for you. If you paid tax not represented in the list, so he successfully transferred to the budget and not record as debt.