You will need
  • - manual to your phone;
  • - room technical support.
Read the instructions to your telephone. Go to the main menu, under call control, find the feature on automatic number identification. Find it is disabled, if such is not provided, try again to click to switch on the caller ID.
If the function status has not changed, contact the company which sold you the unit if it is still valid the warranty period. If it has expired, contact technical support of the manufacturer of your machine or look in the technical forums with regards to the products of this brand.
To disable automatic number identification in phone Panasonic, go to switch on this service and click off. In some models, a separate function is not provided, in this case, simply make a return to the standard factory settings in system settings.
Then, check out the function of an automatic number identification on your machine. Such phone setup is very difficult, so, best of all, entrust it to the sellers before you buy, if poorly versed in the menu, or consult with knowledgeable people, not to accidentally changed settings.
If you can't find in your machine the setting to disable caller ID, contact technical support local exchange to the service you have disabled service provider itself. Most likely you will have to fill in a special form, and then, over time, document processing, automatic number identification of the caller the caller will be disconnected, and to re-activate this feature, you will also need to contact your telephony service provider a statement.