The diet of a person with a fracture of theom should contain all the basic elements, vitamins and other nutrients, which contribute to the rapid restoration of bone tissue. There are also a number of products that needs to be switched off from the diet:

- Completely abstain from alcoholic beverages, because alcohol is a toxin that destroys the structure of cells that form bone tissue.

- It is not recommended to consume coffee, soda, chocolate and tea, because these products contain caffeine. This substance removes calcium from the body, making bones brittle and the normal tissue.

- Reduce the amount of fat in the diet, as they inhibit the absorption of calcium in the intestinal mucosa.

At fracture it is necessary to provide the human body with the following substances:

- Calcium participates in the formation of bone tissue and is a necessary component of it. It is contained in milk, cheese, sesame, cabbage, spinach and salmon.

Magnesium — found in green vegetables, bananas, almonds, shrimp, nuts, cod, flounder.

- Vitamin D — necessary for normal calcium absorption in the intestine. It can be purchased in pure form or to use fish oil.

- Zinc — an element that improves the assimilation of calcium. In large quantities it is contained in seafood. As for plant foods, the zinc-rich mushrooms, legumes, pumpkin seeds and walnuts.

- Phosphorus is one of the most important elements that are directly involved in the process of formation of bone tissue. It is in large quantities contained in the egg yolk, cheese, liver, pumpkin, eggs of sturgeon.

- Pyridoxine - takes part in the formation of collagen part of the bone. This vitamin rich bananas, ham, shrimp and potatoes.

- Folic acid - found in beans, bananas, cabbage, lentils and citrus.

- Vitamin K - necessary for normal process of formation of bone tissue.

- Be sure to include in the diet as much as possible animal proteins, as they are the main material for the construction of the bones of the human body.