When a jaw fracture, the surgeon imposes on both the patient's jaw metal or rubber tires – necessary for fixing bone, otherwise the right fracture Union is not achieved. Tires make the jaw a long time to be in the closed state, therefore, the mastication of solid food are eliminated to callus formation at the fracture site. Sometimes fixing is performed so that the patient is able to open his mouth, but in this case, the chewing of large pieces temporarily hampered.
Usually within the first days after the fracture, patients are forced to take only liquid food. Power is supplied via the feeding Cup with a straw, the straw is inserted through the gaps in place of missing teeth that were removed by the fracture, either through the gap behind the "wisdom teeth". Heavy patient's condition is an indication for a feeding gavage or for the introduction of nutrient solutions into the vein with IV fluids. A little later the patient begins to eat by sucking food off the spoon or imposed between the front teeth, thin tube.
If the tyres are imposed on both jaws, the consistency of any food taken by the patient, must not be thicker than the consistency of ordinary cream. If the patient can slightly open his mouth, he settled dishes, crushed and diluted with fluid to the consistency of sour cream.
When a jaw fracture patients are recommended vegetable soups on meat or vegetable broth, gruel and vegetable soup, boiled meat twice passed through a meat grinder and diluted with broth. The menu must include calcium-rich dairy products – yogurt, sour cream, pureed and diluted with milk, cheese, yogurt.
Some patients to removing the tire move on baby products the first years of life – fruit, vegetable and meat sauce, a special porridge made from crushed cereals, juices.
It's important to watch the consistency of the food was the most homogeneous – if the patient eats through a tube, pieces of it can get stuck, and if the patient sucks the food off the spoon, food particles may remain on the tires and the front teeth, which complicates hygiene procedures.
Monotonous liquid food can cause digestive problems – most often in patients with fractures of the jaw constipation, or gallbladder dysfunction. To get rid of constipation can include in the diet of beet puree and beet juice or taking in small amounts on an empty stomach vegetable oil. To stimulate the contractile function of the gallbladder will help increase the share of bile products in the diet – animal and vegetable fat, eggs.