Fractures doctors often recommend to Supplement the diet by taking multivitamin complexes. This helps to accelerate tissue repair, today you can easily find drugs, is designed to support the musculoskeletal system of man.
The most important substance needed for the best fusion of the bones, is calcium. Therefore, this block must be part of the vitamin complex. This mineral has a positive effect on the condition and bone growth, it is necessary for both adults and children. Please note the dosage of calcium in the drug. The daily dose of the substance is an adult on average 1200 mg. Remember that sources of calcium are foods – mostly dairy, such as cheese, cottage cheese.
For better absorption of the mineral is required simultaneous administration of vitamin D3. So the doctors after fractures can assign a "Calcium-D3 Nycomed", "Calcemin", kalasadama other medications with this vitamin. No valuable substances calcium absorption is equal to not more than 10 %. Calcium absorption improves also zinc, it enhances the action of vitamin D. In bone formation and the calcium interacts with magnesium, so its presence in the composition of the vitamin complex.
For bone health necessary vitamin B12. Its deficiency can lead to bone fragility, frequent fractures. The substance should draw not only in the pharmacy vitamins, but meat products. For the formation of the collagen of the bones you need to take vitamin B6 and folic acid (vitamin B9).
To strengthen the immune system, to form a callus, will help the vitamin C. Ascorbic acid can be ingested from the berries, citrus fruits, fresh juices. This vitamin is part of the popular for fractures of the drug "Collagen Ultra". To strengthen bone and tissue can be taken and "Vitrum Osteomag".
Whatever vitamins you choose for fractures, before taking certainly consult with a specialist. Remember that the absorption of calcium is hampered by the presence in the diet of the large amount of sweets. Diet fractures should eliminate caffeine – it also promotes the loss of calcium. The trace element is excreted from the human body along with urine when abuse of coffee, chocolate, sodas, strong tea.