You will need
  • - jeans;
  • - sharp scissors;
  • - a pumice stone, sandpaper or a cheese grater;
  • - tweezers;
  • - Mel;
  • - a piece of cardboard.
Ripped jeans can make any pair. You can buy cheap jeans in the shop or take the pair that you already wore. Slightly faded and worn jeans will look more stylish than a dark and brand new.To give new jeans a more worn and ripped look, you need to wash them several times in hot water using bleach.
Put on your jeans and using chalk, mark the places where you are going to make cuts.
Put the appliance on a solid, level surface. It is possible to enclose under a leg of a piece of cardboard or a wooden block to prevent injury to the back of the leg.
With the help of a grater for cheese, sandpaper or pumice stone begin to gently RUB the places where going to create a ragged effect.
With scissors, scrape the edge to create a frilled effect. If you don't want to do the slits, but simply to limit fading, use scissors there's no need to RUB the spot with sandpaper until until visible horizontal white threads.
Scissors or box cutter, make a straight horizontal cuts wherever they are identified. No need to make too large cuts, so as not to spoil the product. To increase the slot after re-fitting.
Tweezers start to pull the vertical threads where was already made cuts. You can leave some strands that will create a natural effect.
Once you have made the incisions, should be well washed jeans. This will help to create a more worn look. Do not make cuts near joints, as wear of the product they can leave. No need to make too large cuts, because washing and sock products will eventually increase their size and deterioration.