You will need
  • So nice to break the jeans, you need to:
  • - stationery knife;
  • - pumice stone;
  • - chlorine or bleach with chlorine;
  • - a thick needle or nail scissors;
  • metal or plastic plate (for example, cap candy drops).
There are several proven ways very artistically torn jeans. The first of them is to cut holes with a utility knife. Select the place on the pant leg that you will handle, for example, the knee. Jesse jeans metal cover, take the box cutter and start cutting them with a hole across the legs. Do a pretty large number of cuts to be allocated a separate thread. Then with fingers clear of the resulting fringes from dust and small threads, and put the jeans in the washing machine. After washing, the holes will look natural.
In addition, holes in jeans can be done using a darning needle or nail scissors. The sharp end just pull out the vertical threads with the thread from the place on the fabric where you have planned to do ripped effect. This method will provide you with shredded holes, which will look even more impressive after washing.
Also, try using a pumice stone or a metal brush and wipe the holes on the jeans. You can do it wearing jeans for yourself or placing something solid under the fabric, as in the first case. Try to make the fading is uniform and does not break with this pair of jeans. To make only a small wear, jeans is pre-wet with water.
Holes in jeans look especially good if the tissue around them will be a little bleached out. To achieve this effect, before you break the jeans, treat them with bleach or "white". You may at some time apply the bleach solution only on the necessary area, and then wash your pants and you can totally boil the jeans in the bleach solution. Having received such "fading", you can safely go to the piercing holes.
Sometimes it makes sense to break the jeans not only in a certain place, but to make a few small slits and holes at the waistband, pockets, and distressing on edges of pockets and bottom of jeans. After this treatment, the jeans will look more harmonious.