The manufacture and use of fertilizers

The first thing to do is to go picking dandelions for our fertilizer. Usually they bloom in early may in southern regions earlier, in mid-April, but in any case it is necessary to use and collect them at this time. Next, prepare a basin and add to our extracted dandelions, then they need to be crushed, such weight should be 1.2 kg. Then fill it with ten litres of water, cover with a lid, presses the yoke and leave alone for 3 weeks, it is desirable that mess to stir every week. After this time the infusion can be strained and used. This fertilizer will need to water the ground around plants, and spraying the surface of leaves. I would also like to warn you that if you are going to feed the plants that are already Mature fruit, be careful, in no case do not fall on them this tool.

Another infusion of dandelions

You can also try to make some other infusion of dandelions, it will help you in the fight against aphids and mites in your area. The recipe is almost similar to the past. For this infusion we will need to grind 200-300 grams of dandelions. Pour ten liters of water and let stand 2-3 hours. After that filter this mass, and it can treat the plants against pests. Use this solution immediately, as it can deteriorate.

So, we found out that dandelions are not that useless weeds, they can make a lot of useful extracts, which will be of great help in the care of the garden.