Possibilities of "Smart home" is extensive, additionally, it saves funds due to the fact that all systems are working at low levels.

"Smart house" includes several functions that controls lighting, temperature control, engineering systems. In the management of the lighting system involves:

  • Control sensor, which is used in places where there are people – this includes stairwells, storage rooms, dressing rooms, communicating rooms. The system is able to turn the light on and not turn off until the person goes away from this area.
  • Programmable scenario-based lighting, thanks to which you can create lighting effects. It can be illuminated paintings, large chandelier, light track.
  • Automatic shut-off lighting, so you can use one button to turn off the light in all areas and deenergize the desired electrical outlet.
  • Lighting control by time, which can turn off or turn on the lights after a set time.
  • Brightness control of lighting using the remote control, and using the touch screen, you can dim the light or make it burn brighter.
  • Lighting control for different time of day.
  • Outdoor scenarios, where it is possible to group zones home and outdoor lighting.

You can also include fountains or other additional elements.